Adsense tricks us

So, you are planning to apply for Google Adsense. You should apply for Google Adsense and turn your passion into profit. But, something you must know before applying for Google Adsense otherwise your application will be rejected by them. I know every blogger wants to get approved by Google Adsense because it is very well known and awesome to turn passion into profit.

Now, Getting approved by Google Adsense becomes so hard and difficult and there are so many terms and conditions that must be followed by you to get approval from Google Adsense. Getting approved by Google Adsense was so easy before years even sites with no content got approved by Google Adsense. Niches that are not so competitive have high chances of getting approved by Google Adsense even with fewer posts and traffic on your blog. How to apply for Google AdSense? It depends on various factors such as your traffic, type of contents and how many posts your blog has, etc.

To qualify for Google Adsense your blog must fulfill some requirements:. These pages are essential and must be on your blog to get approved from Google Adsense. About Us, the page simply describes from the blog and you so it is important for the user to know these things.

adsense tricks us

By including this page your blog ranking in Google also increases because Google sees this as you are caring for your visitor and ready to help them. So, this is important for your blog ranking and for getting approval from Google Adsense. Privacy Policy describes to your readers about what they will get on your blog, what they should do and what they should not. It tells Google that you are doing your business is the right way and you are not a scam.

Even WordPress added features to add the privacy policy page and there are so many sites that provide you automated privacy policy page so you can go there and get one. Every time Google Adsense mentions that a blog should have clear navigation so that their readers do not find problems to find the contents. So, your blog must have clear navigation by providing a link to get a sitemap of your blog which contains all the links of your posts. There are so many blogs with Good number posts with enough content length but got disapproved by Google Adsense and many blogs with only posts got approved by Google Adsense.

So, there is no confirmed answer but you must have a good number of posts that can be 20 or more on your blog.

But, It depends on your niche. If there is a lot of competition in your niche then It will be difficult to get Google Adsense approved with fewer posts. Keep your blog look professional and simple. Theme installed on your blog must be fast-loading, professional-looking design. It also increases SEO ranking and decreases the bounce rate of your blog. You can also use free WordPress or Blogger themes which are available on many websites.

You can also use premium WordPress themes which gives your blog attractive and professional.

11 Proven Google Adsense Approval Tricks For Fast Approval

Your Fonts must be simple and easily readable so that your reader does not face any kind of issue in reading your posts. Otherwise, it will be bad for your SEO as well as decreases the chances of getting approval from Google Adsense.

Type of Contents you are publishing matters a lot.Hello Guys, We all know that having an Adsense Account and using its contextual ads are best-paying Ad program for Bloggers. Everyone knows that getting an AdSense approval is not an easy thing. But, I must say it is not always true, and if you have created a quality blogspot website, you can get an approved AdSense account within 7 days. List of Adsense supported blogging platforms.

There is a simple trick which you can use to get your AdSense account approved for Blogspot domain quickly. It is very tricky and good Idea of having your own custom domain for getting Adsense approval chances. Add Your Custom Domain Name. Create it From Here. This will help you to make your blogspot website genuine to Google at the time of reviewing.

Put you all pages [About, Contact Etc] that you have created at the top and below of your website. Sign in Join.

How to Find High CPC 100-1000$ Keywords with Live Proof

Sign in. Log into your account. Sign up. Password recovery. Forgot your password?

adsense tricks us

Get help. Create an account. The Mental Club. Home Promo Codes Positive Thinking. How to Invest in yourself for a better you.

How technology can help students fight with Coronavirus? What is a photoresistor? How to set a password on a pen drive without any…. How to access a blocked website? How to acquire internet on your trip to the United States? How to Boot Multiple Computers? Process of Dual Booting on Your…. July 23, Our posts on various issues related with Google AdSense. We highly recommend that the new users of AdSense go through all these posts to learn answers, tips and tricks that are very important for you to do better in making money through contextual advertising.

Lets see what are points that determine CPC. Answer to an often asked question. My advice to AdSense users is to focus on continuous good quality content and have some patience. Well, the answer is that it is illegal to do so. Learn how to use section targeting in Google AdSense and reap the benefits from this simple must-to-be-implemented tip. The mechanism is very simple. For obvious reasons, people have a lot of interest in Google AdSense but what I have sensed is that most people are ignorant of many important things related with AdSense.

This series of articles will tell you everything that you need to know to become a successful AdSense businessperson. You need to do a few things in order to optimize your ads and revenue you get from them. Today, I will talk about the importance of the first Google ad in your webpage. Many people face the problem of flash appearance of a light yellow box right before the Google AdSense ad appears. Learn the reason and solution of the problem.

New AdSense users sometimes face the problem of a light yellow colored box. This light yellow box appears for a moment in space of the AdSense ad. Box disappears on its own after a second or so. Penalty from Google can decrease your search traffic and confuse you! Learn how to mitigate the effect of ad blindness also known as banner blindness. Use these simple tips to boost your CTR and revenues through ads. Ad blindness is important to understand and resolve because it could severely hit your click-through rate CTR and therefore lower your revenue through ads.Oh Shit.

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Setup is very easy and you dont need to spend money on getting webhosting. You can apply this method on free blogging platforms like wordpress and blogger. And the main advantage of this method is that your adsense account will never get banned. Yes, this method is safe and your adsense account will never get banned.If you want to know about the AdSense Approval TricksI can assume that you already have a blog or you want to start a blog.

Google AdSense is the main source of making money from blogging. Every new blogger dreams of getting their AdSense account approved as soon as possible, but many people do not.

It is better than other advertising networks because it pays the highest. Many people start blogging in the desire that their AdSense account will be approved and they will earn a lot of money but it is not as easy as it seems.

Those who are not getting Approved AdSense are not following some rules.

adsense tricks us

You will also find it easy after knowing AdSense approval tricks. Many people get multiple accounts approved while google adsense does not allow multiple accounts, so its policy has become quite strict. When I first applied for adsense, I too failed. After trying many times, I understood where the mistake was happening. In this guide, I will share you top 7 proven google adsense approval tricks which can helps you to get adsense approval without rejection.

If you follow these AdSense Approval Tricks then you will be successful in the first time. The first requirement for approval of Google AdSense is that you must have an active website with custom domain.

If your aim is to take the approval of Google Adsense then you will have to go towards the top level domains like:. Apart from this, if you want to create a website targeting one country, then you can also buy a Country Specific Domain like:. If you are starting a new blog then I would suggest you to invest some money and try to go to well known extensions like:.

You can buy it easily from GoDaddy or NameCheap. Try to get a subscription for at least 1 year. If you want to setup your blog in WordPress after taking the domain, then it requires hosting which you can purchase from BlueHost. WordPress also recommends BlueHost Hosting. How to activate website with custom domain? For this, you can write the content by yourself or you can get the content written by a freelance writer and post it on your website. Almost all new bloggers think that we will copy the content of others and create our own content, but Google is not so stupid.

He checks every page indexed in Google, so you cannot easily fool him. If you are thinking that we will get Google Adsense approved by copying content, then you are only dreaming that it has neither happened nor does it happen. It is not a fix how many posts should be on your website for AdSense approvalbut 15 to 20 unique posts is enough. The word count of each post should be more than six hundred. There are some important pages that must be mentioned in your website.

I am not talking about the post. You should create these pages and add them to the top bar or bottom menu bar in the homepage of your website. It is very important to have an about us page on your website because it tells about you and your website. In it, you can write about yourself, your website or your future plan.

Try to write at least words or more. You can also add your social media profile to it, so that people can follow you on social media as well. Check out our About Us page for reference. This page is made for the help of your website visitors. This page contains a contact form and email ID. If your readers have any query, then by filling up this form, they can ask their query and contact you also. Creating a privacy policy page is very easy, without writing a letter, you can create your own privacy policy page.

So make sure all these three pages must be added to your website before applying google adsense.Toggle Sidebar Menu. June 26, Adsense. You know, stuff like…. Optimize your keywords. Ad placement optimization. Ad sizes. Increase site speed. Increase cpc. Traffic quality. Optimize CTR. Color matching. Increase page RPM. Target high cpc countries.

adsense tricks us

Link your AdSense account to your Google Analytics account. Test, test, and test some more. Focuses on Quality content. Increase relevancy with AdSense.

Trick to Get AdSense Account Approved for Blogspot

Update your site regularly. Creating sticky sidebar. Remove other ad networks. Create Custom Channel. But as you already know, This trick is not about optimizing keywords, ad placement and blah blah blah…. See our brand new site created on June 11, and submitted to Google Webmaster on June 13, As you can see after 4 days our traffic boost to almost 40 visitors a day.

Within your 1st 15 days you will receive minimum of visitors a day. Just like our previous site the traffic shown on the photo will skyrocket to visit per day within only 1 month and double the traffic by its 2nd month and so on.

For our previous site with the use of Zontha blueprint tricks we got 1. Zontha blueprint is very easy and can be done right away when you find-out the topic we use but you are no safe to Adsense violations.

See also Adsense tips. There are only 3 topic we discover so far to generate traffic within 1 week however all topic are prone to Adsense Violation. Learn and use the technique… and then tell me your success stories! This guide is written especially for you if any of the below describe your situation… You want to make money super fast using your brand-new site or old one.

You want to create new site and want to earn fast as possible. You have just wasted years finding out a best way to earn fast.Toggle Sidebar Menu. April 26, Adsense. Discover Google Adsense optimization tricks that you should implement on your website right away and learn my secret Adsense trick.

This includes placing at least two ads within the post content, opting for red instead of blue links, using scrolling ad blocks, and placing ads underneath the first paragraph of your content.

See my Adsense report screenshot. According to Wordstreamthe top ten most expensive keywords for AdSense in were as follows:. If you started with low keyword niche or less competitive keywords we suggest that create more content since it is very easy to rank in search engine.

Include your highest paying keywords in your site. Go to Adwords and search for any keywords that closely related to your niche. These countries will pay the highest if you get clicks from them, making them a good target for your campaigns:.

Our cpc rate in United States has an average of 0. RPM is you revenue per one thousand impressions. Some of the steps you should take to boost this include removing low CPC AdSense adverts, increasing ctr working on crawling problems, focusing on improving organic search engine traffic, and improving the quality of your content.

If you are not posting new content on a regular basis, how do you expect to generate the viewership that is required to maximize your Adsense potential?

Site speed can make a huge difference to performance, which, in turn, has a massive impact on your profit potential.

Мы ценим ваш контент

Remove images, graphics and ads that do not add value. By linking these accounts together, you will get access to Adsense metrics, including impressions, clicks, and revenue. You can use these metrics to add to your analytics reports so you can have a better understanding regarding how your content or pages are monetizing.

This data can prove pivotal in terms of helping you to optimist your website, ensuring the content subject is right for your audience and that you achieve optimal ad load speed too. This enables you to test different variations for the same ad spot so you can determine which one performs the best.

You can use your Google Analytics or Adsense performance report to analyze what works. While you want to make money from Adsense, your website should not appear like this is what it was designed for. High quality content and user experience should always be the main focuses. Another way to maximize your conversions is to use multiple ad units. Placing more than one type of ad unit will increase the chances of a user clicking on one of them. Make sure that the first add to show in your HTML code is the best-located ad.

Moreover, take the time to familiarize yourself with the AdSense maximum ad policy, as the last thing you want to do is violate their terms and conditions. Adding two lines of code before and after the content with Adsense section targeting can help to ensure your ads are more relevant, therefore, increasing the chances of them being clicked on. You may assume it is better to feature as many ad networks as possible in an attempt to make as much money as you can.

However, this will slow your website down, and you could be wasting valuable space on ads that are not as profitable as Adsense.

When visitors read your post and find it helpful, they are more likely to read more and that converts to another page-views. From 1. The category block feature on AdSense is useful, enabling you to block those categories that are not performing well.

Block categories that have a low earnings percentage.


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