Dometic 12v fridge red light flashing

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Customer support: sales portablefridgesonline. Portable Fridges Online. Search: Search. You have no items in your shopping cart. Home Blog Waeco Troubleshooting Checklist. Waeco Troubleshooting Checklist. THe fuse can be accessed by removing the single screw. Replace the fuse With the same ratin gas the original fuse and reassemble. This is not a common problem, but it can happen and should be the first thing to check.

If the answer is yes to any of these points, there is almost certainly mothing wrong with your fridge. You have a voltage loss problem in your vehicle wiring or cigarette lighter socket. If your fridge does not run properly or stops and starts erractically there is a good chance low voltage is the problem. The fridge is designed to shut down and save your battery if the voltage gets too low. The problem can be thin wiring to the vehicle socket or even a dirty socket.

If yes, this will cause our fridge to turn off almost as soon as the car ignition is switched off. Unless you do this correctly, you will prevent your fridge from getting enough voltage to operate correctly.

The cable provided is the minimum thickness required for that length. Your fridge and all other 12 volt applicances will operate as they are meant to, reliably, efficiently, and trouble free. WAECO has a wiring kit available for this purpose or you can ask any auto electrician to replace your cigarette lighter wiring. Ask for 6mm cross sectoin wires as a minimum.Remember Me?

Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: What does inside Fridge Light Blinking mean? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. What does inside Fridge Light Blinking mean? Hello everybody, We're "camping" in Columbia CA.

This afternoon I turned the radio on in the entertainment center and the lights and sound would come on, and then go out. A few minutes later I opened the refrigerator and the light inside was blinking. The TV is going also without and problem. What does the blinking fridge light mean?

Any thoughts? Re: What does inside Fridge Light Blinking mean? Hi schultz14, The frig needs good 12v even when running on AC. You may be having a problem with the power converter and the battery is running down. Check the battery level on the control panel.

If you have a problem with 12v, our 12v block diagram and flow chart may help. I'm sure it's a problem with our computer. We head home tomorrow.

I'll download the PDF there and try to figure out where the problem is. I'm thinking you are having some sort of primary 12 volt D. Monitor DC voltage by turning on and watching a storage compartment light while flexing the battery positive and ground cables. You might just disconnect, clean to bright metal, and reconnect those battery, bus bar, and ground connections to try to fix things, without troubleshooting.

Be safe around the potential high currents in the 12 volt battery system! What manufacture and model is your fridge? I seem to recall that my Dometic, non side-by-side, indicator would blink if the unit sensed it needed to be running on gas but could not light. If you had power glitches the fridge could have tried to switch over to gas?By hobopalsSeptember 2, in Technical Tips and Tricks.

I tried to reach Dometic, but they are closed. This is a new trailer; well out twice since March. I left to explore and fridge was fine. No check light on. Cold as it could be--ice cubes hard as rocks. I came back and it was warm with the check light on.

I assumed it had switched over to electric when I hooked up. I decided to turn the gas off to see if it just stopped working on electricity. I know the manual says that the auto mode will choose electric over gas. Now both lights are on. I'm going to wait to see if it starts to cool over the next couple of hours.

Did I do the right thing by turning the gas off? The check light went out. I'm hoping that it was just a glitch of some kind. I can't tell, yet, whether it is cooling or not. Make sure you have propane and if so, turn it back on. The check light came back on. I'll turn the propane back on. Thank you.Hi my Waeco fridge won't run from my agm battery. I get red flashing light error. Was running with solar panel attached.

If I use the low batt override it works. Batter should be fully charged. Any advice please? Why is it so? Professor Julius Sumner Miller, a profound influence on my life, who explained science to us on TV in the 60's.

Try in on low. If red light still comes on the battery is not fully charged of faulty. Thanks for your replies. The Waeco seems to work fine with the solar panels connected in sunny weather, but doesn't want to run off the battery alone. The controllers seem to cut out before the battery is charged to capacity.

Click here to visit the Grey Nomads website. List All Users. Search Advanced Search. User Details. Start A New Topic Reply. Date: PM Mar 15, It would appear that the battery is either not fully charged or faulty, ie low capacity. On which voltage setting do you have the battery protection?

Hi Brian As far as I can see there is the v and 12v cords, using the 12v. My controller has a continual readout saying battery is near full charge.You are about to leave for vacation on your trusty RV and suddenly notice that the check light of the vehicle dometic fridge is on.

The d ometic RV refrigerator check ligh t is designed to goes on if there is something wrong with the gas system. To ensure that the fridge could achieve peak performance, you have to find out the reason behind the check light activation before hitting the road. Fortunately, in most of the case, you should be able to track down the source of problem without much difficulty.

If that happens to be the case, this troubleshooting guide here would serve you well. It could show you everything you must keep mind while fixing d ometic refrigerator check light. As mentioned above, the check light of Dometic fridge would activate if it a problem occur within the gas system.

That being said, the check light should not go on in the case you set the refrigerator in AUTO mode and there are available electricity. In AUTO mode, the fridge would alter between gas and electricity depending on which one is available at the moment. For most of the time, refrigerators would default to electricity in the case the vehicle is hooked to shore power. Therefore, if you set your Dometic refrigerator in AUTO mode and the check light is on, it means that both gas and electricity are unavailable.

On the other hand, if you set the fridge on GAS mode, the check light could be turn off when you switch the mode to AUTO and electricity are available. Remember this principle to better interpret the meaning of the Dometic RV refrigerator check light. Generally speaking, you need a multimeter, a flat-headed screwdriver and a flashlight on hand. Since you are going to inspect and exam an electric appliance, make sure that you wear a pair of rugged rubber gloves at all time.

From the wirings to rusted metal components, there are many things in an RV fridge that could cause nasty injuries. In many cases, the tank that sustains your Dometic refrigerator simply run out of gas. Hence, you could take care of your check light by refilling the exhausted propane tank. As time goes by, carbon and similar elements will accumulate right on the fridge ignition wire and eventually engulf it. Needless to say, without the ignition wire, the fridge is unable to run on gas and that means the check light would be inevitably activated.

To access the ignition wire of dometic refrigerators, you have to use the screwdriver to remove a couple of panels. After you spot the wire, take a look at its tip and scrape off every foreign material in your sight. With a bit of luck, doing that should get the gas system of the fridge back to work and the check light would turn off. Head to the AC breaker and remove the fuse that protects the DC control board.

Next, use your multimeter to determine whether the fuse is of good quality or not. While you are at it, you should take a good look at the fuse of the heating element as well.

Dometic fridge sropped cooling

Faulty fuses would cut off the flow of electricity and cause the check light of dometic fridges to goes on. This method only allow your fridge to resume operation in AUTO mode using electricity, the gas system requires further attention.Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Aug 3, 1.

My truck came with a factory installed dometic fridge hardwired to the battery pack.

dometic 12v fridge red light flashing

But it has stopped cooling. Still has power and lights up when the door is opened. The red LED inside blinks 3 times every few secs. Best I can find online is somebody saying it means it "has power but is not ready", but nobody knows what that means and the person never heard back from Dometic customer support despite several attempts.

Anybody else have this issue and know a solution? Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided.

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Aug 3, 2. Replace it. Throw out any food and milk etc within it. That's the only solution. Most of the time there is nothing to service in those possible portables. If you did, you will find the bill a horrible one versus a new retail replacement. We once turned in a dollar window air conditoner to our Heat and AC man at his shop to repair.

He laughed at us as if we were stupid. We said we love this thing and would like it fixed.

dometic 12v fridge red light flashing

He says Then laughed some more. The bill? Lesson duly learned. If they build these things that crappy, take the time to find a GOOD unit that will last longer. We had a generic cool master that lasted almost 10 years. Either in the house or in one of our cars. But it is not something we can keep food in more than a few days. Just enough to be safe without spoiling something on the dash in the sun.

Aug 3, 3. You might try to disconnect it and see if it will reset itself, but like X1Heavy said just replace it with something better.

dometic 12v fridge red light flashing

Aug 3, 4. And Dometic is a respected brand among RV and travel trailer people. Last edited: Aug 3, STexanAug 3, Aug 3, 6. Frank WAug 3, Mine was doing the same thing. It was the control module that went out on it.Is your Norcold not working?

Norcold Refrigerator in Lockout Mode (do you need to reset your power board?)

This page is to troubleshoot Norcold recall kit and share reset recall information if you experience fridge off or Norcold not working. Please see the Norcold Troubleshooting menu above for more troubleshooting subjects. Instructions: Subjects are listed on left. Click the link to the right to go directly to the subject matter on this page. The following information has been gained by our customers.

This information is provided to help troubleshoot Norcold recall boxes, not to alter them. We are not an authorized Norcold repair facility, thus all information on this page can be considered hearsay, it is the opinion of our customers, and we cannot confirm the truth behind this information regarding the Norcold retrofit.

This decision is between the end user of the Norcold product and the authorized Norcold repair facility, thus the end user assumes all responsibility for their decisions based on the advice given by others.

Note: If you are going to work on the power supply to your RV, always disconnect power as a safety precaution. By removing the power to the recall kit one may prevent the kit from turning off the fridge and requiring a reset based on a power surge while working on the fridge.

Always reconnect any powered devices after testing them. Please also see our complementary page Norcold Series Recall. It has been reported that the Norcold recall false trips a majority of the time. As a result of false triggers for the Norcold recall, operators get into the habit of resetting or bypassing the Norcold recall. This is a bad habit, if there is a failure of the fridge and one bypasses the recall, or turns off the ARP Control, a dangerous situation may occur.

Thus, it is the responsibility of the user to know and understand all safety necessary to make the decision that the cooling unit has not failed before taking any reset or bypass action. Click here to get document outlining cooling unit checking technique. Our customers have informed us that these recall kits can be reset if there is a fridge off or not working situation.

If your fridge is off, the first step is to see if the red LED is turned on? If so, Norcold recommends paying a service technician to inspect your system for leaks. If you are camping remote, and you are qualified to know the cooling unit does not have leaks, see next section.

We state this because the most common cause of these recalls turning off is water on one of the controller parts. Our customers have identified the area above the LED where a strong magnet may be applied to the box to try and reset it, we recommend having a qualified Norcold technician perform all repairs.

We are told if one does not have a strong magnet, the cover can be removed by compressing the clips identified in the image to the left. Please use this link to identify the area to apply the magnet: Norcold Series Recall. Restated, the Norcold temperature sensor is not hot. A strong magnet held for greater than 5 seconds should reset the control. Please contact Norcold to have your recall box replaced and have your fridge checked when you can get in for an appointment.

Or, the sensor that can be identified by red and yellow wires has an open circuit. If the light quits flashing you found your problem.

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