Mimolive vs wirecast

Your browser does not support the audio element. It is confusing! But I am here to help. I'll also cover the differences between the live video platforms and what kinds of features the tools offer. This will take your video and audio and broadcast it to the platform which in turn will broadcast it out to your audience. Many of the main live video platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have this facility built in to their web or mobile apps.

But some platforms such as LinkedIn Live require you to use a 3rd party tool. On a basic level, they take your video for example your camera or a pre-recorded video and stream it to your destination. It's important to understand what these jargon acronyms mean. As I just mentioned, some services such as Facebook and YouTube allow you to broadcast directly through their mobile app or web app.

It just does. This stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol. It was initially developed by Macromedia, but Adobe has now released a public version of this which anyone can use. This allows a tool to connect to the live video platform.

Top Live Video Streaming Tools of 2020

Basically, they can talk to each other. This means the live video tool can schedule, edit and delete the live video post and potentially retrieve live comments. This makes it much easier for you to control your live videos from a tool. Some live video platforms allow you to go live directly from their app.

Facebook, for example, lets you broadcast live from their web app or mobile app. The web app allows you to use your webcam and microphone or you can share your screen.Download and try 14 days for free. It enables you to switch multiple cameras, insert presentations, add layered graphics like weather maps, lower-thirds, social media feeds, green screens, and much more.

Wirecast VS mimoLive

It can stream and record simultaneously to various locations. This is the better way to start your live stream. We know. Directing various cameras for your live show is challenging. Keeping an overview of many tasks like switching the active camera, replay prerecorded sequences and adding the correct lower third for your interview guest is essential. Just imagine what you can do if you have video team, or several mimoLive instances running at the same time.

Start creating your first live stream today. I simply edit our show on-the-fly during the live broadcast. By the end of the broadcast we have a high quality and edited video ready to be uploaded to social media. We use mimoLive to display scoring, and playing time clock of your real-time production … as well as a variation of statistics and player exchange animations. Buy mimoLive. Learn more about the tech specs of mimo Live. The main control unit for your live video production running on your Mac.

Add titles, scrolling banner text, and graphics to give your live video a professional look. You can also record in-app, or present it to an external screen.

Stream your phone live feed directly into any mimoLive show without getting the headache caused by complicated setups. Read more about our iOS app. The live video workflow with mimoLive follows four major steps. First, capture your video footage using any given camera. Followed by the second step, the input into the computer. This is the third major workflow step for the director of the show.

We enpower video producer to control comprehensive live shows by small teams. Finally, mimoLive uses several presets for the major streaming platforms to simply your work life, and to make the fourth step of your workflow as easy as possible. MIMO is an acronym for m ultiple- i nput, m ultiple- o utput. Download Free mimo Live Trial.

Get some insights about how it looks behind the screens at a world-class sports event.Live Streaming EquipmentNew Post. If you're looking for an encoder for your live streaming setup, we recommend a hardware encoder. TL;DR for that link : Computers complicate live streaming. They drastically increase the chance something goes wrong. If you want to make live streaming easy, you should keep them out of your workflow. That said, there are plenty of situations when you need to bring software into the process.

Most likely, you require the advanced production elements that some software encoders offer. Wirecasta product of Telestream, is one of the most popular software switchers and encoders on the market. Wirecast offers a wide variety of production elements such as graphics, titles, timers, captions, overlays, and more.

Wirecast empowers broadcasters to take advantage of these features with a relatively intuitive platform. Wirecast is far and away the most common software encoding platform that we see, which is why we have partnered with them directly via RTMP.

Wirecast Tech Specs. Like Wirecast, vMix is a well-known, feature-rich live streaming program. With many features and plans, they have most of the live production tools any broadcaster would want. With Full 4K output, vMix is a step ahead of Wirecast when it comes to potential video quality.

Of course, that's only relevant for the top level of broadcasters. Additionally, it does not integrate quite as smoothly as Wirecast does with other platforms.

mimolive vs wirecast

MimoLive is an upstart platform by German-based Boinx Software. They are completely Mac-based, but they also offer a number of strong features and integrations. Like Wirecast, MimoLive has direct integration with streaming platforms like BoxCast, making it one step easier every time you stream. There are plenty of other options on the market. OBS is flexible and can work well, but it's more complex and less intuitive that the other platforms. Without a support team, you will most likely find your route to success by hacking away at it and Googling your way to victory.

Proceed with caution. A CDN like BoxCast will let you stream to your own website or video player, reduce the the bandwidth burdens on your computer, and manage your content for the long term. Alone, software encoders like Wirecast, vMix, and MimoLive will not enable to you to stream to your website or your own video player.

These tools have no distribution capabilities, so they are limited to pushing a feed only to a social platform like Facebook Live or YouTube. Pairing one of these software options with a CDN will allow you to stream to viewers around the world on your own player or embedded in your website.

Most organizations look to stream to multiple destinations to maximize viewership and reach a process we call simulcasting.

If you attempt to simulcast without a CDN, the process will quickly overload your computer. By pairing with a CDN, you can reduce bandwidth issues.

Instead of sending out multiple streams from your computer, you can reduce the burden by dividing out the process. As you see in the diagram above, your computer can send one stream out to your CDN in the cloud. Your CDN, rather than your onsite computer, will bear the burden of sending out to the different stream destinations.

Note, the rules have changed on Facebook simulcasting. You also need to consider how you store and manage your video content in the long run. You need to have a platform that will host your video for on-demand playback after the live stream is complete.

Alone, neither Wirecast, vMix, nor MimoLive will manage your video content for the long haul.Both these software help users to apply advanced effects in videos like: resize, colour variations and output image controls along with audio effect adjustments. It is also possible to make selection for whether you wish to send whole screen activities on live broadcast platform or want to select a specific portion only.

Pricing: You will be glad to know that OBS is free and open source program. The free version of Wirecast allows streaming only on YouTube with limited features. It is possible to live stream on multiple sources at the same time that means you can share same video on Facebook Live and YouTube Live at the same time. One can also prefer to add videos on the same platform where one will act as major video and other works like a backup that can assist you if something goes wrong on the way.

If you do not want to send live streams in multiple platforms then you can use the local disk recording option to develop an archive of your personal content. Wirecast provides full control over all assets of videos as well as on live streams. Users can manipulate the starting point of any video while broadcasting and it is also possible to generate multiple loops of videos.

One can easily make adjustments to disappear video from channel after it gets finished. Although, OBS has so many advanced features but wirecast is observed to provide more freedom to users for their personalised files. The best part when compared with OBS, is observed that Wirecast demands much easier and simple setup. The interface is much intuitive where you can do interesting things right from the beginning.

It can be called as a logical layout that has so many things to offer you. In case of OBS, users need to do most of the tasks manually as for generation of a heap of scenes one needs to pick elements manually and then other controls can be applied over that sequence.

Further, wirecast provides intuitive platform for repair of bugs inside videos and for other similar issues. Wirecast has one more interesting feature that allows users to work with outputs from virtual microphones and cameras. Thus, you can push everything out from wirecast same as the virtual web cam live effect. If you work on skype so frequently and are searching for a tool to record videos at this platform then Wirecast can help you better because it allows users to share app screen while taking skyepe calls or interviews.

One can easily add titles, animations as well as additional videos to generate customized live video. The built in presets are missing in OBS so users need to spend time on tutorials to apply right settings for live streams. Facebook Live and YouTube Live both follows unique settings for live streams depending upon resolution levels- p and p, so users need to make more efforts to get things done.

But, in case of wirecast you will find everything much easier with built in presets. You simply need to choose your platform for live streaming and rest all will be managed by the tool itself.

This is the major reason for its popularity among gamers as they can easily execute all tasks on same system without causing overload on CPU. So you cannot live stream from a less powerful system and also if you are executing multiple tasks like recording 4K video and using browser at the same time on your device then performance will get suffered by great extent.

The best thing to know about OBS is that it allows users to work with so many plugins and ultimately makes tasks much cooler and easier. It is possible to customize this software tool with additional features and plugins to avail much impressive results. The drag and drop feature on OBS is really useful as it allows users to drag all steam elements easily to timeline from different sources.

It is simple to use scaling and crop operations over graphic elements and changes can be monitored on preview window. Although, wirecast also have these editing features but here users need to apply more efforts to get things done manually. One needs to apply efforts for adjustment of sliders and beginners may find this task much complicated.

After knowing all these features, we can say that Wirecast as well as OBS, both are quite interesting tools with lots of advance features. OBS is completely free with all unique features whereas Wirecast offers a 30 days trial package, so it is good to find some time to use the trial version to get idea about its interface. The final decision about which program you need to apply for your live streaming needs completely depends upon your requirement and budget. Wondershare Filmora9.

Liza Brown.Especially with the coronavirus COVID outbreak, more Mac users are setting themselves up as YouTubers or experimenting in live streaming while at home in quarantine. Here then is our selection of the best live streaming and video broadcasting software for Mac of in order of ranking. When it comes to live streaming, broadcasting or any kind of video production on Mac, Wirecast Studio is easily the most powerful and professional solution out there.

Unlike mimoLive see review below and many other video production solutions featured here, Wirecast Studio is cross platform making it suitable for those working across Mac and PC on TV projects although it was originally designed on a Mac. Wirecast Studio is suitable for absolutely everything from corporate promos, home videos and live streaming to recording gaming, remote conferencing and re-streaming.

Wirecast is a giant in the broadcasting market and also bought Ustream Producer from IBM a while back. Ustream was particularly good at creating video for e-commerce sites and integration with social media platforms and Wirecast has now integrated all that know-how into its own product. Our advice is to start with Wirecast Studio to learn the ropes and then when you become more established, switch up to Wirecast Pro to create some truly professional video broadcasts.

The amount of control coupled with a managable learning curve, means you can master it very quickly and create some truly impressive results. You can try a free trial of Wirecast to judge for yourself. Wirecast Overview Watch this video on YouTube. However in midit decided to change the name to mimoLive and withdraw it from the Mac App Store.

It uses QuickTime in order to capture and record video which is your bottom layer and then it allows you to build other layers — such as titles, effects and backgrounds on top of that.

OBS vs Wirecast: Best Live Streaming Software?

To get going, simply select a theme:. Select the video source you want to use:. It also allows you to combine video, photos, 3D effects, live broadcasts and more. It can also encode and export your footage into just about any major format including exporting directly to YouTube and PodcastProducer:.

You can also try a limited free trial of mimoLive to see for yourself. BoinxTV Home was not a professional solution anyway as it lacks support for multiple cameras, unlimited layers and resolution is limited to x OBS gives you lots of control over scenes but there are no such things as presets and templates like you get with most streaming software.

There is however a huge choice of plugins and add-ons that lets you enhance the functionality of OBS in almost every possible way such as Layer Views, Vintage Filters and Stream Effects. Ecamm Live is also extremely good value for money. You can also try Ecamm Live for free for 14 days first. Streamlabs has been around on Windows for a while but in April it was released on Mac for the first time.

You simply download the Streamlabs app on your Mac, log into your chosen social media platform such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch or Mixer and Streamlabs automatically optimizes settings for you. Streamlabs never takes a cut of donations and allows you to use payment processing solutions such as PayPal or Stripe to accept funds. BeLive is about as simple as it gets and almost anyone can use it. How to go live on Facebook Watch this video on YouTube. Live then StreamYard may be for you.

StreamYard offers far more control than Be. Live over things such as titles, transitions and which social media platforms you want to broadcast to. You can have 6 people live at once with 10 people able to be invited in via the StreamYard studio. There are loads of themes and templates in StreamYard that make it extremely fast and easy to make things look professional without much knowhow.

StudioBinder helps you manage cast and crew contacts, create customized, professional call sheets and backup everything to the Cloud. StudioBinder is particularly good at helping you create call sheets quickly with useful localizers for weather and hospital details in the local area.

You can also assign such things as individual call times, private notes, custom parking instructions and shooting schedules.View Cart Checkout. But what are the principal differences between the options, and how to decide which streaming software is best for you?

We will try to help answer those questions. Each of these software options comes with basic live streaming and recording features.

This includes single-destination RTMP streaming, multiple video sources and layouts, chroma key i. However, each software has its own advantages, disadvantages, and ideal use cases which are important to consider before making your selection.

Reliable and easy to use, Epiphan Pearl hardware encoders are the perfect solutions for video capture, mixing, streaming, and recording.

No computer required. Open source software like OBS Studio is free to use, making it a popular choice for price-conscious live streamers.

Wirecast Vs OBS: Which is Better?

OBS Studio offers all the live streaming essentials you need to create a great looking broadcast, but lacks the advanced features of professional paid software. Being an open source project, however, OBS Studio is a highly customizable. New features and plugins are being released by the developer community all the time. This means that if you are willing to tinker with it, there is an impressive amount of functionality you can get out of OBS. You need to be self-reliant and figure things out for yourself.

Lucky for beginners, there is a multitude of guides and tutorial videos on the web to help. Bottom line: Great for technical users in search of a free solution with no need for advanced features like virtual sets, multi-streaming, and guest hosting.

mimolive vs wirecast

Until about a year ago, Streamlabs was just a streaming tool, mostly used by gamers with some other piece of streaming software. Because a good percentage of gamers used Streamlabs with OBS, it was only logical to combine the two to create one really powerful streaming software.

Since then, it gained huge popularity among gamer and non-gamer streamers alike. Almost everything you need is conveniently grouped in the Streamlabs Dashboard.

This includes social widgets donation and subs tracking, real time game alerts, chatbox, etc. SLOBS is primarily gamer-oriented, which makes it a great tool for the individual streamer who wants to make money live streaming.So far, NewTek has been unavailable for comment about whether these features are planned to be added to its NDI HX Camera app, or to explain while there is no framerate selection which is the default framerate.

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Both can stream at p. Both offer AF Lock autofocus lock and AE lock auto-exposure lock to override the automatic circuitry and make the exposure and focus stay fixed on a stationary subject. As a result, using a higher framerate would cause an inconsistent cadence among different screens, as well as causing a waste of bandwidth. I hope to see these added in the future to both NDI apps.

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